Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ten Great Catholics


Janette at Ground Level In Kansas wrote a post on the ten great Catholics in her lifetime and then challenged other Catholics to come up with their own lists... I think I can comply.
First, the famous, whom I have not actually met, but who have influenced me in some way.
1. Pope Benedict XVI - Re-iterating quite a few things that needed to be said

2. Pope John Paul II - the only other pope I have any memory of, really. He was such a loving, charismatic leader - gentle and approachable in demeanor.
3. Mother Teresa of Calcutta - her immense love of Jesus through the poor is inspiring

4. St. Elizabeth of Hungary - if you've never read about her, and the love she shared with her husband - do so. Their love was truly romantic in that each saw Christ in the other, and behaved accordingly. It is a beautiful love story that I re-read periodically (especially when I feel I need to be reminded how to treat my own husband). They were husband and wife, best friends, lovers in the most pure sense.

and now for the not so famous.... some of whom I've met, others whom I only know through this virtual world of the internet:

5. Sr. Francis Marie - principal, and one of the loveliest people I've ever had the gift of knowing. Her manner with students was firm, kind, and respectful, and in return she was greatly loved and respected. Her manner with her teachers was that of a loving mentor, always respectful, and always mindful of the great responsibility entrusted to her and to her teachers - that of instructing our students to the best of our ability to love and serve the Lord. I miss her.

6. Tammy - who runs a peri-natal bereavement ministry. Having just gone through the loss of my youngest, with care-givers who were not trained in any way in how to handle this special type of grieving, I find Tammy's ministry to be a beautiful thing. She runs memorial services for the babies lost, provides photos, footprints, other mementos (depending on the stage of development of the baby lost), and most importantly compassionately listens to the bereaved.

7. Michelle - has opened her heart to many children, both those given to her by God through conception, and those given to her by God through the gift of adoption. Her family is beautiful, and her blog is a source of inspiration for me.

8. Mary - we've been friends since 7th grade.... wow, 27 years of friendship. Mary argued with me all through high school on the topic of abortion (I was foolishly pro-choice back then, before my first miscarriage made it dawn on me that what was being aborted wasn't a "clump of cells", but a BABY), and after my conversion never once said "I told you so". She supported me through my divorce, my subsequent annulment, and reassured me countless times that despite the speed with which King B and I met and married, that she truly believed it to be right. She has seen me through 2 miscarriages, 4 live births, an abusive marriage, and the deaths of both of our grandmothers within hours of each other. She is currently expecting her first child (she and her dh married in March, I am SO happy for her), and she is glowing with happiness. She showed me by example, how beautiful it is to follow the Lord's Will.

9. My oldest, KTbug. KTbug is a mystic in so many ways. She is very deeply spiritual at an age where most girls are superficial at best. She is so far beyond me in her journey, that sometimes it scares me. How can I hope to be an example for this child who is such an example to me?

and finally...

10. King B. He is the epitome, for me, of Catholic manhood. He is loving, gentle, kind. He is prayerful, and honest. He loves the Lord, and reminds me to be better about setting time aside for prayer myself.
Anyone else care to add their list?

Blessings to you,

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