Thursday, July 17, 2008


OK, I hit that farm today... here are the results:

4 gallons fresh milk (1 going to a friend) ($4.25 each - it's $8.80 for organic, pastured pasteurized non-homogenized here)
2 quarts plain yogurt ($5.00 each, it's over $6.00 each in the Whole foods)
3 whole chickens ($2.50 / pound; Whole Foods has pastured organic chicken for about $4 a lb here)
12 lbs ground beef (2 going to a friend) ($3.50/pound.... *conventional* is running that much here... for the good, pastured organic stuff it's $5.99/pound)
3 pkgs pork chops (2 for a friend) ($6.50 / lb... don't remember what Whole Foods had here)
1 pkg sausage ($4.25/lb... ditto)
1 round roast ($7 / lb I think... it's over $8 at Whole foods)
7 dozen eggs (1 for a friend) ($2.25 / dozen - again, about what conventional is)
2 pkgs shin bone (for soup making) ($2.50 per package - we got the largest we could see in the freezer - have never bought this before, so I don't have a comparison, but each pkg was over a pound)
5.12 oz horseraish cheddar (for lunch) (I don't remember how much this was.... $4?)
2 three-packs of cookies (for lunch) ($1.75 each)
2 water bottles (for lunch) (50 cents each)

Total: $194 Not too bad, considering all foods are from organically pasture-raised animals with no growth hormones or antibiotics used.

At Whole Foods the equivalent in just milk and ground beef would have run $107.08. Milk and ground beef here was $59. Even spending the extra $20 in gas to get out there, for the milk and ground beef alone was more than worth it.

Our portion of the $194 is $136. This should last us quite a while - aside from the milk - we'll go through it, but can't really buy a month's worth, so we'll take turns driving out there with my friend so each of us is going once a month, but we can have fresh milk all month (aside from maybe a few days in between the trips).

Blessings to you,

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Busy, busy, busy


Sourdough results: King B and I loved it. The kids - not so much. So I tried a recipe that has some honey in it, which King B and I loved... but the kids weren't here to try it, so you'll have to wait to see what they thought.

It's been a very hectic couple of weeks. Busker was out of his normal routine, and fussier than usual - making for a mommy with full arms, as he was NOT happy unless someone was holding him. And lacking my usual baby holder helpers, very little got accomplished. He seems to be back in a routine now, so I will also get myself back on track.

Right now it's time to get ready for Mass. After Mass, I will be tackling the kitchen and getting it all spiffy in preparation for the arrival of our new freezer. I will also be putting the freecycling items just outside the doorway with the names of the recipients. Oops, better run... tell you more about Freecycle later....

Blessings to you,
Queen Bee