Monday, March 31, 2008

Menu Plan Monday


Menu planning is something I try to do on a regular basis as I have found that I not only make healthier eating choices when I do it, but I invariably spend less. To help me do this more consistently, I will be posting my menu plans here and taking part of the blog-world's

This week's compilation of Menu Plan Monday is here. Sometimes I peruse the links for inspiration, sometimes I don't. This week, I didn't. I based my menu on what I have on hand (although I will need to get a few ingredients for things, I will not have to do a "big" shopping).

My plan for the week of March 30th:

Monday - Roast Pork Loin, Baked Potatoes, Asparagus (for King B), Baby Carrots (for the rest of us)

Tuesday - Baked Ziti, Tossed Salad, fresh baked Rolls

Wednesday - Stir-fried Pork and Broccoli over Brown Rice

Thursday - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (cheddar cheese, whole wheat bread), Fresh Tomato Soup

Friday - Manicotti, Tossed Salad, Garlic Knots

Saturday - Pizza Night

Sunday - Roast Chicken, Potatoes, Beets, Cranberry

Breakfasts will be: oatmeal, eggs & toast, farina, cold cereal
Lunches: pb&j or pb&h, tuna salad sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches
fruit, chips

Snacks: muffins (blueberry, corn), fruit, veggies, crackers, popcorn

Blessings to you,


Canadian Saver said...

I think I'm gonna go over when you make the manicotti!! I love that :-)

Your menu looks great!

Judy said...

Thanks, CS... I'm actually going to end up changing the menu a bit this week... I'll post about it later!