Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thrift Store Finds


Thursday's trip to the thrift store was quite the success! For less than the cost of a new crockpot (the liner in my old one cracked just before Easter), I found: a crockpot - $3.99; 2 dress shirts for Buddy - $3.99 each; dress pants for Buddy - $3.99; changing pad for Busker's dresser - $1.99;
4 yards of 60" wide medium blue chambray - $ 4.99 ;
5 yards of 45" wide white and blue lace that coordinates perfectly with the chambray - $ 3.49 ;
1 yard of 60" wide white with aqua pattern cotton - $ 1.99 ; two patterns I will cannibalize to make skirts of the above - $1.49 each;
two Playtex Nursers (the type of bottles we are using for Busker when I go back to work) - $0.49 each.

I had also seen a 38 pc set of ruby glass that I picked up because it reminded me of my grandmother. It was $29.92, and had enough dinner and lunch plates, bowls and cups for all of us to use. Then I decided to put it back, since the only reason I had grabbed it was that it triggered a memory. It wasn't even the pattern my grandmother used - just the same color. At the time I put it back, I had decided that I would go back to the thrift store on Monday (everything is an additional 25% off on Mondays), and if it was still there, I'd get in then. Then I did a search on eBay for Ruby Glass and found pieces that were Grandma's exact pattern. I hadn't known the name of her pattern before. It was the Cape Cod pattern (hers was probably from Avon, rather than the original one). I have decided against going back to the store to get that set. I will instead stay on the look out for the Cape Cod pattern pieces and grow my Ruby glass collection slowly. This pattern is quite the collectible, so it may take a while.

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Janette said...

Oh--- I LOVE the aqua fabric. I am on the hunt for Hawaiian fabric in a month!