Thursday, July 17, 2008


OK, I hit that farm today... here are the results:

4 gallons fresh milk (1 going to a friend) ($4.25 each - it's $8.80 for organic, pastured pasteurized non-homogenized here)
2 quarts plain yogurt ($5.00 each, it's over $6.00 each in the Whole foods)
3 whole chickens ($2.50 / pound; Whole Foods has pastured organic chicken for about $4 a lb here)
12 lbs ground beef (2 going to a friend) ($3.50/pound.... *conventional* is running that much here... for the good, pastured organic stuff it's $5.99/pound)
3 pkgs pork chops (2 for a friend) ($6.50 / lb... don't remember what Whole Foods had here)
1 pkg sausage ($4.25/lb... ditto)
1 round roast ($7 / lb I think... it's over $8 at Whole foods)
7 dozen eggs (1 for a friend) ($2.25 / dozen - again, about what conventional is)
2 pkgs shin bone (for soup making) ($2.50 per package - we got the largest we could see in the freezer - have never bought this before, so I don't have a comparison, but each pkg was over a pound)
5.12 oz horseraish cheddar (for lunch) (I don't remember how much this was.... $4?)
2 three-packs of cookies (for lunch) ($1.75 each)
2 water bottles (for lunch) (50 cents each)

Total: $194 Not too bad, considering all foods are from organically pasture-raised animals with no growth hormones or antibiotics used.

At Whole Foods the equivalent in just milk and ground beef would have run $107.08. Milk and ground beef here was $59. Even spending the extra $20 in gas to get out there, for the milk and ground beef alone was more than worth it.

Our portion of the $194 is $136. This should last us quite a while - aside from the milk - we'll go through it, but can't really buy a month's worth, so we'll take turns driving out there with my friend so each of us is going once a month, but we can have fresh milk all month (aside from maybe a few days in between the trips).

Blessings to you,

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Janette said...

Fantastic shopping day. With your gang it is worth going out to a farm. Fortunately for me- we live in farm country!