Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daisy's Shell Stitch Blanket


I've been asked for the pattern for the blanket I made for Daisy. I've never written out a pattern before, so if you try this out, please let me know how it turns out for you.

Daisy's Blanket
Size H crochet hook

approximately 10 oz of sport weight yarn (I used about 1 1/3 skeins of "Neopolitan" yarn)

approximately 5 yards of a soft fabric (not paper) ribbon (this will depend on the size you choose to make your blanket - I made a somewhat small one, as it was meant to go into Daisy's casket, but still was too big)

Sewing thread to match ribbon

Using a sport weight yarn, loosely chain 94 sts

Row 1: in 3rd ch from hook, dc 2 times (the 2 chs count as first dc), skip one ch, sc in next ch, *skip one ch, work 3 dc in next ch, skip one ch, sc in next ch*, repeat from * to end, ch 2 turn

Row 2: in last row's last sc, work 1 dc (ch 2 counts as first dc), in middle dc of 3 dc shell, work 1 sc,*work 3 dc shell in next sc, in middle dc of 3 dc shell, work 1 sc*, repeat from * to end, ending with 1 sc, ch 2, turn

Repeat row 2 until blanket is desired length. After last stitch of last row, begin to work border.


Row 1: ch 1, turn. In same stitch, work 1 sc, ch 1, *work 1 sc in sc, ch 1 work 1 sc in middle dc of 3 dc shell, ch 1* to end, work 3 sc in corner; work sc evenly across rows to next corner, work 3 sc in corner; work 1 sc, ch 1 in every other ch from foundation chain; work 3 sc in corner; slip stitch to first stitch.

Row 2: ch 4 (counts as 1 triple crochet and ch 1 sp), *skip ch 1 sp, work triple crochet in next sc* around blanket - corners should have 3 ch sp between tc, slip stitch to top of first tc

Row 3: ch 3, work 4 triple crochet (makes large shell) in same stitch. *skip ch 1 space, work sc in next sc, skip ch 1 sp work 5 triple crochet shell in next sc* continue in this pattern around blanket. Fasten off.

Weave ribbon through "lacing holes" made by row 2, tie into a bow and stitch bow in place with matching thread


Blessings to you,

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Carrie said...

I wish I could crochet. My mom can and my daughter is really good, but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Anyway, I've given you a blogging award on my blog.